A team from University of Ghent visits UR-CAVM Busogo campus

28 Nov 2019

A team of two International Relations Officers : Mr. Michel Flement and Ir. Anne-Marie de Winter from International Training Center (ITC) of the University of Ghent in Belgium visits UR-Busogo campus. These staff members are responsible for International Programs i.e. International Short Training Programs, Faculty and Student Exchange Programs, Master’s Programs and PhD Programs for International Students in the University of Ghent located in Belgium.

The one-day visit at UR-Busogo Campus aims to explain the students and staff members about all programs and scholarships that the University of Ghent offers to the International Students.

During the presentation, they show Master and PhD programs offered by the University of Ghent, Belgium as follows : Master of Science in : Aquaculture, Food Technology, Rural Development,
Soils and Global Changes, Nutrition and Rural Development, Environmental, Science and Technology, Environmental Technology and Engineering, Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, Sustainable and Innovative Natural Resource Management. PhD in Applied Biological Sciences and Scholarships to sponsor Master’s Programs in University of Ghent, Belgium like : The Gent University Scholarship, Erasmus Mundus Scholarships, VLIRUOS Scholarships and Other organizations such as AfBD and others.

A part from the programs offered the by the university, the team from University of Ghent present Possible Future Collaborations through Exchange programs between the students of University of Ghent and UR-CAVM, exchange of Faculty members between UR-CAVM and University of Ghent (e.g. The University of Ghent Academic Staff members to come and give lectures to the UR-CAVM and vice versa, Collaborative and joint research proposal writing for funds, Possible open of a global campus or center of excellence by University of Ghent in UR-CAVM and Development and Signing of MOUs that will give more details and clarity on the collaboration approach between UR-CAVM and Ghent University.

The event was indeed a great opportunity for UR-CAVM students and Staff members to have detailed information on Programs that are offered in the University of Ghent and on the Scholarships Opportunities. It will enhance long-term collaborations in research, education and skills exchange between University of Ghent and UR-CAVM in the near future.


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