Scientific and Proposal Writing Workshop

20 Dec 2019

A ‘Scientific and proposal writing workshop’ was conducted at UR-CAVM, Busogo campus in collaboration with the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Virginia. 41 CAVM researchers, post graduate students and researchers from Egerton University participated in the workshop. The training was facilitated by Prof. Thomas Thompson, Associate Dean and Director-Global Programs and Professor of Agronomy.

The main objective of the training was to equip the UR-CAVM staffs and students with sufficient knowledge and skills on scientific writing and publication. A good proposal is a persuasive argument to convince a sponsor to fund a research idea and an argument to be presented to the reader for supporting the relevant debate, hypothesis or claim. A researcher should look for Published journals that are broad in scope or that combine two distinct aspects, and consider appropriate journal for the topic and the audience that the researcher is trying to reach.

During the presentation, Prof. Thomas thanked Virginia Tech colleagues Inga Haugen, Catherine LaRochelle and Ryan Stewart who helped to develop the module of this workshop. He also explained participants that it was a great opportunity for them as researchers and opportunity of improving the scientific thinking. Fundamentals of Scientific Writing whereby participant exchange on science writing as storytelling, best practices for scientific writing and elements of scientific research, Literature review and writing with Integrity though a good Introduction that defines a problem and narrows an interesting question, data Selection and presentation by collecting selected ones for being utilized in framing interpretations and developing hypotheses and publishing and successful proposals by following the instructions provided by the funding agencies to win the proposals. Participants were enthusiastic during the three days of workshop which included group work, assignments, brain storming and model work. Prof. Thomson shared his experiences in research projects in Africa especially those in Senegal.

In his closing remarks, Dr. Guillaume NYAGATARE, the Ag. Principal of the College of Agriculture Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine thanked the participants who attend the workshop on scientific and proposal writing. “Do not to keep the gained knowledge on the desk but put them into practice and shared with others” said Nyagatare. Participants were awarded a certificate of participation.


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