National Union for Disability Organization in Rwanda’ Beneficiaries Training

24 Jan 2020

National Union for Disability Organization in Rwanda’ Beneficiaries Training

Under the implementation of the memorandum of understanding signed between the University of Rwanda- College of Agriculture, Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (UR-CAVM) and the National Union for Disability Organization in Rwanda (NUDOR), the team from UR-CAVM conducts the training of trainers of NUDOR beneficiaries in two districts named Nyanza and Rusizi where 60 beneficiaries in the two districts will be trained on different topics and crops aimed at increasing the agriculture production.

The objective of this training is to increase knowledge and awareness of the local farmers about agriculture and animal husbandry, thus contributing to increased adoption of adequate agriculture practices.

The training has both theoretical and practical sessions to provide knowledge to participants on different topics including : Good agriculture practices of Maize, beans, bananas, passion fruits, cabbage, tomatoes, the practices of making composting from crop residues, the modern animal husbandry such rabbit, pigs and chicken, Postharvest handling and Trees Nursery preparation and management. The topics have been chosen based on the need assessment conducted by CAVM staffs in Nyanza,Ruhango ,Rusizi and Rutsiro Districts.

Practical work on composting

During the training, trainers will exchange their experience in their work with participants and discussions were done on various topics learned. To facilitate the trainees in revision and dissemination of the information given, every participant will be given a booklet containing materials that might help him/her to revise what is learned. In addition to the theoretical knowledge provided, there will be a practical session which involves trainees putting into practices what they have learnt in class with explanations where needed.
The training was closed by the NUDOR leaders and local authorities, who thanked the College of Agriculture, Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (CAVM) for their role and involvement in the community development activities, especially in the area of agriculture and animal husbandry and stressed that this collaboration is needed even in other areas of trained districts.

Participants during theoretical sessions

Participants following lessons on animal husbandry

Different topics on crop productions


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