Bridge2Rwanda (B2R) Farms signs a Memorandum of Understanding with UR-CACM

22 Oct 2020

For the last 20 years, Rwanda has been one of the world’s fastest developing countries and become a model of successful nation-building. To become the “Singapore” of Africa, Rwanda recently cast an ambitious plan called Vision 2050. It imagines a future that ensures good jobs and a high standard of living for all Rwandans – when only 30% of Rwandans will live in rural areas, rather than today’s 70%. Accomplishing this vision will require transforming agriculture into a productive, commercial industry that creates jobs, decreases food imports and grows exports, while remaining the backbone of the Rwandan economy. A transformation of this magnitude will require a new generation of educated, entrepreneurial agriculture talent.

B2R as a US non-profit corporation. It has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with UR-CAVM relating to the use of 1.8ha of CAVM, Busogo campus given for a conservation agriculture and Foundation For Farming (FFF)demonstration farm. The partnership includes training and farming internship on the following aspects : stewardship agriculture, conservation agriculture, farm management, community services and personal and Professional development.

The objective of the MoU between B2R and UR-CAVM Farms is to introduce the practices and principles of Foundations for Farming (FFF) to smallholder farmers in UR-Busogo Campus and mobilizing a new generation of educated young people to become agriculture entrepreneurs and FFF trainers.

FFF is a simple, low-cost conservation farming method designed to help low income, small-holder farmers make a profit and improve their lives. The method was developed over the last 30 years by Brian Oldrieve and Craig Deall, faith-driven Zimbabwean farmers, for commercial applications and smallholder farmers. They have grown the program as a mean of sharing their faith and reducing hunger, poverty and dependency in Africa.

During the implementation of the MoU, B2R Farms will partner with the University of Rwanda - College of Agriculture, Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine to launch an internship program for UR graduates and high-capacity young leaders to champion and implement FFF and launch their careers in agriculture.


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