UR Reopening Towards Online Monitoring

30 Oct 2020

The University of Rwanda has officially resumed Learning, Teaching and Assessment LTA activities after seven months’ closure due to COVID-19 pandemic that occurred in the country since March 2020. This closure was a way of controlling its spread among UR Community. From March till September 2020, the University of Rwanda reinforced the uploading of instructional materials to UR e-learning platform and of training to academic and UR-Directorate of Teaching and Learning Enhancement (DTLE) staff and students who will train their colleagues to enable efficiency use of TLA. This round of a 4 days’ training at UR –Busogo Campus from 27th to 30th October 2020 which brings together UR-DTLE staff from all UR Colleges will be focusing on monitoring of remote learning, teaching and Assessment activities. Dr. Bernard BAHATI, UR Director of Center for Teaching and Learning Enhancement who was the trainer emphasizes that the University of Rwanda will never go back to the traditional face to face teaching as the sole mode of delivery, he encourages UR staff and students to reinforce the blended mode as long term practice of knowledge transfer. The use of e-learning will ensure quality and monitor online TLA activities delivered through the UR e-learning platform but also help in respect of COVID-19 pandemic. Among the specific guidelines for Schools are : keeping social distancing in classroom, often washing hands or using Hand sanitizer frequently as well as wearing masks.

The training will tackle on different topics among others : introduction to University of Rwanda-Learning Management System (UR-LMS) features, different tools to ensure the quality of online teaching and learning assessment such as Storyboard for Blended Learning Course Development, UR Template for developing online/blended modules and UR Quality Standards Rubric of Online-Blended Module design and development. Technically, the trainees have explored different functionality of UR-Learning Management system by practicing through exercises. As academic quality monitors, the trainees have explored the UR LMS features and have been trained on how to monitor their standardization use by both lecturers and students. Furthermore, they suggested different system customization needed to improve the academic quality and integrity of online activities pass through UR LMS.

Story by
PR & Community Engagement Officer
UR-Busogo Campus


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