Training on Embedding Employability Skills in UR Academic Programs

26 May 2021

In collaboration with the commonwealth of learning and the University of Rwanda, the College of Agriculture, Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, located in Busogo Campus conducted a two-day training workshop on Embedding employability skills in the curriculum. The training brings together the academic leaders in the College (Deputy-Deans, HoDs, Program Leaders, School attached Quality assurance and DTLE Staff). The workshop was facilitated by trained staff by commonwealth. Mr. Dominique HARERIMANA and MINANI Frodouard both academic staff from CST. The objective of the training was to help academic staff to develop and review curriculum that cover the gaps between competencies of the University graduates and expectations from industries.

The training had both theoretical and practical sessions to provide knowledge to participants on different topics including working on Employability Scorecard for each program of CAVM, working on Employability Survey for Faculty/Schools (the survey has been completed by the trainees, contacting the CAVM’s Stakeholders to participate in the survey (this was done by Program leaders), working on Employability Attributes for Programme, mapping of Module Assessments, mapping of Attributes to Modules and updating Curriculum with employability Attributes.
The trainees were grouped into group depending on programme they were representing. The groups went through the working document (Employability Scorecard, Programme attributes score, Assessment template and Module learning Outcomes Mapping). The result from filling in the Employability score cards out of 120 point, the programme scored in the range between 0-49% the curriculum/programme under investigation does not provide the minimum in terms of employability guidance for learners enrolled on the programme. The programme leaders were advised to completely review the programme to boost the employability of graduates enrolled in the programme. However, there is room for further improvement to boost the employability of graduates enrolled in the programme.
The training ended with deep understanding of COL-UR institutional employability scorecard, the use of employability mapping scorecards and the use of programme assessment mapping document in a comprehensive review. The trainees were requested to go and train the academic staff in their respective schools.

Prepared by Jacqueline UMUPFASONI
PR&CEO- UR-Busogo Campus


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