10 Feb 2022

Department : Food Science and Technology
Position : Lecturer
Academic rank : Lecturer
Area of specialization : Food Science
Telephone : 0783054143
Email : nsaphe@gmail.com
Education Background
12/02/2018 to now
Ghent University (USA), Belgium
Principle subject Nutrition and Food Sciences
Title of qualification to be awarded PhD
Status Ongoing
18/03/2011 to 12/05/2013
Washington State University (USA), university, P.O. Box 641030, Pullman, Washington, 99164-1030, USA. Phone : 509-335-6424.

From 03/10/2000 to 20/07/2006
National University of Rwanda, P.O. Box 117 Huye, Rwanda
Principle subject Chemistry with education.

From 21/09/1995 to 25/11/1997
Lycée de Kigali, Secondary School.
Principle subject Biology and chemistry

From 9/1989 to 03/1994
College Inyemeramihigo, Secondary school
Principle subject Biology and chemistry

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