UR CAVM Students Participate in International Youth Day 2022

22 Aug 2022

The international youth day is annually celebrated as youth day, this year it takes place on 12 Augus2022, under the theme "intergenerational solidarity, creating a world for all ages" It is in this context Hon. Philbert UWIRINGIYIMANA Who won a youth seat in last elections of deputies’ parliament #AmatorayAmadepite2013, he drives a public talk about that theme at University of Rwanda, college of Agriculture Animal sciences and Veterinary Medicine (UR-CAVM) located in Busogo Campus.

Hon. Philbert UWIRINGIYIMANA while giving his remarks
The international youth day is organized with the purpose of raising awareness of any issues that may be facing the Rwandan youth and the world in common and celebrating youth achievements. In his speech Hon. Philbert UWIRINGIYIMA gives advices to students who attend this public talks on how they must value their country. "You must love your country because there isn’t a better one than your home country(Rwanda) " said Hon. Philbert UWIRINGIYIMANA He also challenges the youth on how their solidarity of bonding together with the aims to fight against the enemies of the country, working hard and being objective in activities that can contribute to the development of the country.

In her closing remarks the Dr. MUKAMUHIRWA Alphonsine(PhD) who was representing the UR-CAVM Principal, appreciates the students who attend the public work (Umuganda) which take place before the public talk. She also advises them being passionate on public activities and succeed courses so as to become model for the next generation.

These public works were organized by youth in Busogo sector where the UR-CAVM students attends as the youth to manifest the theme of the day (International Youth Day 2022)


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