Jean D’Amour Manirere, PhD

05 Jan 2023

Jean D’Amour Manirere holds a PhD degree in Rural Development (Central Luzon State University) majoring in farming systems (Michigan State University) and agricultural economics with a focus on sustainable agriculture, socioeconomic community development.
He is a lecturer and researcher in the department of rural development and agricultural economics. Prior to lecturing, he has worked as Research fellow at The International Center of Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) appointed as the first Country Crop Manager of HarvestPlus, a challenge Programme of CIAT/CGIAR to coordinate the dissemination of biofortified beans seeds across Rwanda, DRC, Uganda, Zambia, Nigeria and Burundi.
He has extensive experience of carrying out research in Africa and has expertise in socioeconomic studies.
His varied experience in academia is enriched by his extensive work in project management both NGOs & INGO and in research as a researcher fellow and consultant. His research interest is mostly agricultural economics, rural community development and poverty related issues. Jean D’Amour has over 12 years of working experience across Rwanda and other countries of assignments including Togo, Nigeria, Côte D’Ivoire, Niger, The Philippines, Madagascar, UK, Austria, USA and Germany.
He is has worked with CIAT, IFPRI, USAID and FAO. He understands sustainable development especially on farming systems and economic development. He has hands on experience in socioeconomic analysis using SPSS, STATA, R and STAR. He has currently serving as the Rwanda Program Manager for University of Colorado Boulder (USA).
In philanthropy, he is a development analyst at Energy Radio ; charter member of Rotary Club Musanze, Technical advisor of Rotary Foundation cadres (Chicago/USA) and founder of Développement Rural Durable (DRD) linking farmers to AgriSciences. In community outreach, he has championed the creation of HingAMAFARANGA club whereby 74 students from all departments in the school of agriculture and food sciences are empowered with agricultural extension and monetized farming skills.
He is a co-author of seven books including “Muntu Wuzuye” ; “Imvugo-MbonezaBuhinzi” ; “Umuhinzi usa n’isambu ye” ; “Imbonezamubano : Baho-Ubeho neza !” ; “Je suis désolé” and “When Life is Life”.


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